Alternative Glucose Screening with The Fresh Test


The Fresh Test

1 hour

$60 – The Fresh Test Packet and instruction, lab order, interpretation and result letter sent to your provider.
$20 -The Fresh Test Packet and instruction, letter for your provider.



The Fresh Test is an exciting new alternative to the traditional glucola test for gestational diabetes. The typical glucose screening is performed with a solution containing glucose, citric acid, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. The Fresh Test was recently created using just three ingredients: non-GMA dextrose, crystallized lemon and organic mint.

The Fresh Test is FDA registered as an equivalent glucose load test and I am happy to offer this delicious option. Choose this alternative and I will order glucose screen, provide you with The Fresh Test as well as information for your prenatal care provider. As it is an alternative to your Glucose Tolerance Test, your typical lab co-pay would apply. When the results are in I will send them to you and your clinic provider.

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