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Byenveni Baby offers a range of services for growing families. From private midwifery visits to group pregnancy education and navigation sessions, my goal is for you to have the support you need during this special time. After your little one arrives, I offer infant massage parent trainings as well as infant CPR classes. Click the link below and let’s chat about what is right for you!

Supported Pregnancy Program

Comprehensive prenatal care is the foundation to supporting you on your journey into parenthood.

The Supported Pregnancy Program (SPP) at Byenveni Baby offers approach to pregnancy care.

The goal of prenatal care is to screen for pregnancy problems, as well as to offer education and support. Additionally, you should leave every visit feeling informed, reassured, capable and positive. These goals can be very difficult to attain within the constraints of traditional pregnancy care. Typically, prenatal care visits are scheduled every 15 minutes – which translates to about 6-8 minutes with your provider.

Supported Pregnancy Program visits offer a full hour of guidance, collaborative goal setting, and warm support. You and your partner will have the time you need to explore your pregnancy with midwifery guidance. Visits include fetal heart tones and plenty of time to address any physical or emotional issues you may be experiencing. 

This program is designed as a compliment to the prenatal care you are receiving from your birth provider or clinic. Together we will be sure you are getting the personal care and attention you need. I look forward to sharing this special time with you!

Supported Pregnancy Visits

$150 per visit, 60 minutes
Discounts available for clients enrolled in Pregnancy Navigation Group.

$600 includes 4 clinic visits, as well as a home visit after the arrival of your little one. Discounted rates available for clients enrolled in Pregnancy Navigation Group.
Additional clinic visits available at a discounted rate of $125

Examples of subjects covered:

Personalized nutritional and exercise plans

Anxiety and Depression

Planning for your postpartum period

In depth pregnancy anatomy and physiology

Transition to parenthood

Creating your birth plan

Infant Massage Training

Infant massage is a powerful tool that can be used to connect parents and infants. The art of infant massage has been practiced for centuries and by cultures around the world.

Touch is one of the vital senses needed for infant development. Your baby learns about connection, love and communication through a regular massage practice. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefit of regular infant massage, and some of these are listed here.

Infant Massage Class

2 hours

Includes Instruction, organic massage oil, skills booklet

$150 includes both parent and partner in a group class setting, or $250 for private infant massage training


Infant massage is a beautiful way to connect with your baby. Regular therapeutic touch aids in developing a secure attachment between infant and parent. Additionally, massage promotes feelings of confidence and agency in parents.

Physical Development

Research has shown that infant massage can stimulate growth hormones. Premature infants who were massaged experienced higher weight gain and earlier discharge from NICU. Full-term babies demonstrate accelerated muscle tone and control when regularly massaged.

Relaxation and Pain

Gently massaging a baby eases their muscles and reduces tension. This can help with colic, releasing gas and easing muscle spasms that often accompany colic. Massage can also help ease the pain of teething and constipation. Massage can reduce stress hormones, fussiness, and help the baby sleep better.


Talking to your baby as you massage them teaches valuable communication skills. Babies learn to speak by watching your lips form words, by listening to the tone of your voice, and by hearing the words.


Infant CPR and Choking Class

One of the most important aspects of caring for your baby is keeping them safe. While there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent accidents it is highly recommended that parents know how to respond should an emergency arise. This means knowing how to perform CPR and relieve choking.

In this 2-hour class we will cover how to identify the signs of a choking or unresponsive baby as well as how to respond. You will learn the skills to relieve choking, perform CPR and rescue breathing.

Infant CPR and Choking Class

2 hours

Includes class, infant CPR masks, and laminated skill pages

$160 per student and support person

Keep your baby safe

Identify the signs

Know how to respond to emergencies

Take home laminated skill pages and infant CPR masks

Alternative Glucose Screening with The Fresh Test

The Fresh Test is an exciting new alternative to the traditional glucola test for gestational diabetes. The typical glucose screening is performed with a solution containing glucose, citric acid, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. The Fresh Test was recently created using just three ingredients: non-GMA dextrose, crystallized lemon and organic mint.

The Fresh Test is FDA registered as an equivalent glucose load test and I am happy to offer this delicious option. Choose this alternative and I will order glucose screen, provide you with The Fresh Test as well as information for your prenatal care provider. As it is an alternative to your Glucose Tolerance Test, your typical lab co-pay would apply. When the results are in I will send them to you and your clinic provider.

The Fresh Test

1 hour

$60 - The Fresh Test Packet and instruction, lab order, interpretation and result letter sent to your provider.
$20 -The Fresh Test Packet and instruction, letter for your provider.

New and improved method

FDA-registered equivalent option

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

Results sent to you and your provider

Labor Preparation and Coping Strategies

Labor Preparation and Coping Strategies


Newborn Care and Postpartum Support

Newborn Care and Postpartum Support


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